About P.A. and Barry

As we close our first sale and look forward to many more, Barry and I wanted to share a bit about who we are and why we do what we do…

When Barry and I decided to start Howard and Thomas, we had long discussions about why we were doing this and what our company would “be about”. The logical reason was there, EBTH was leaving the Louisville market, creating an opportunity to offer Louisvillians a reputable and trustworthy auction alternative. The less obvious reasons centered around who we are as people, over and over, we discussed how we love the challenge of helping people in times of need, after losing a family member or downsizing a parent. Lifelong collections in a house can be overwhelming when you’re dealing with grief or family health issues. We thought we could help.

Let's backtrack a bit, Barry and I came to the world of antiques through different paths. I am the son of a “picker”, I spent countless hours of my youth being dragged to search rural antique shops and malls with my mother looking for hidden treasures, something that would make her home more beautiful and appealing. Begrudgingly, I learned about furniture, porcelain, and silver. I had conveniently forgotten this knowledge until, through a series of life events, I found myself back in the furniture world in my mid 20’s. I got extremely lucky, I had the opportunity to work at Sotheby’s in NYC for 5 years and with the exception of a few excursions into the “real world”, I find myself approaching middle age and still in the business, most recently as an Appraiser of furniture, fine art, decorations and a whole host of other things.

Barry’s background is in home construction, but the call of old, brown wood consistently led him to focus on the not only the walls and foundations of the homes he was building but the contents that would grace the floors and walls. Barry’s interest in antiques led him to be one of the best restorers of high-end furniture in our area, a skill set that naturally led to his working for EBTH in a number of capacities. Barry started as a cataloger in the Louisville market and was quickly promoted as the initial and senior content editor for antique furniture for all markets. He served for 3.5 years until the Louisville market was closed. His knowledge of furniture styles, woods and finishes, paired with his training at researching and cataloging auction items is a unique skill set in our market.

Back to solving people’s problems...as Barry and I were talking, we consistently had stories of being in client's homes who for one reason or another, either wanted to get rid of something or wanted to acquire something. We really felt that we could provide a reputable, trustworthy avenue to connect these people, and Howard and Thomas was born. It is honestly a daunting task to have to clear out a house for an estate, or just to move to a smaller house, but we realize that on the other side, there are just as many people who want to find quality items to fill their growing house or collection.

Our blog will feature interesting bits of drivel about the things we love... Antiques, Fine Art and the industry as a whole. Please take some time to check in and see what is going on!

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