A Primer of Sorts

Derby is over for yet another year. Its kind of like Kentucky New Year, the rest of the world would not notice, but for those of us who live here, we know that the year ends on the first Saturday in May and a new year begins the Monday after. SO its time to reflect.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to write about. I am a person who can always find something to talk about, but blogging has changed the way I think about the little things in life.

I started to blog as a way to focus my down time so that I would have a dedicated reason to invest research time into things that would a) brush up and keep up to date my identification and cataloging skills b) broaden my horizons into areas of my field I have neglected deep dives into and c) provide an avenue to share some of what I learn with people who may care about it.

So in order to accomplish all of the above, I thought it might be fun for Barry and I to just attack the major furniture and decorative arts movements starting with English (with American) and then moving on to French. American styles generally mimicked the English styles so without diving too deeply into American Furniture, we will consider the styles roughly analogous with a time delay of 5-15 years.

Setting off to discover English Furniture

Also remember that although we use the Monarchs generally as the name of a period, there are no hard and fast dates were one thing ended and another began. More than likely, there were transition periods and hold outs.

So basically each post will be about a movement of a few movements within a time period , starting with the late 1600’s and hopefully ending with modern design. It will take several installments and some posts will be longer than others. The standard disclaimer is that I am sure I do not know everything about these movements and frankly, some interest me more than others. Social and artistic elements will be discovered. I will get to use my book skills!

It should be fun. Please if there is anything anyone wants to hear about in more detail, please let us know.


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